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Start Your Online Digital Bank

eMoney | Cards | Crypto

  • ✓ For FinTech Institutions
  • ✓ Accounts / IBAN / SWIFT
  • ✓ Accept Card Payments
  • ✓ High-Risk Allowed

White-Label Banking Software

  • ✓ White-label
  • ✓ IBAN Accounts
  • ✓ SEPA & SWIFT
  • ✓ Money transfers

UltimaBanq is ultimate all-in-one banking software for Banks, Electronic Money Institutions, and anyone else managing client accounts and transactions.

With this software you can create unique IBAN accounts to your clients and start processing money transfers.

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Accept Card Payments, High-Risk Allowed

  • ✓ Charge cards
  • ✓ No limitations
  • ✓ Global coverage
  • ✓ Your own rules

Provide card processing to your high-risk clients like online eCasinos, adult websites, or brokers.

Your clients can immediately start receiving card payments from their own customers worldwide.

Setup your own bank in 5 days!

  • Casinos And Gambling
  • Online Gaming
  • Finance And Investing
  • Adult Content

All-in-one Ultimate Banking Software

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

UltimaBanq is modular banking software, ideal for lots of different use-cases and types of business.

Ideal solution for Electronic Money Institutions (EMI) and Payment Service Providers (PSP). Thanks to Crypto module, it can be used as Crypto Wallet banking, exchange or even high-risk payments banking for different types of clients. Additionally, Forex module turns UltimaBanq into fully independent Forex trading platform for Forex & CFD brokers.

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Compliance with regulators and advanced security standards

UltimaBanq was developed using the latest technologies, including built-in security in compliance with EU PSD2 regulation.

  • ✓ Built-in security systems
  • ✓ Two-factor authentication
  • ✓ KYC/AML management
  • ✓ Transactions screening

UltimaBanq is full of various rich and advanced features for your clients as well as for you and your business too.

  • Multi-level access for clients
  • Different roles and permissions
  • Multiple admins and management
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Try It By Yourself

Client access plus admin access. Try our banking software and check what it can do.

Multi-functional back office

Easy to learn and easy to use Back-Office. Control all the operations of your financial institution. See your clients, their activities, reports, reject or approve suspicious transactions and many more.

Back-Office API integration: Implement ANY additional features and add-ons into your banking platform easily.

  • Control the whole system
  • For admins & employees
  • Built-in management
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Start your own Forex brokerage

UltimaBanq has additional modules for Forex and CFD trading. Provide CFD trading services to your clients with Forex, Commodities, Indices and any other instruments (stocks, shares etc).

Receive deposits from your clients globally. Using Credit Cards, Google Pay or SWIFT, your clients will make a deposit in classic fiat, and you don't even need any special business bank account.

  • Forex & CFD trading
  • Built-in dealing desk
  • Fiat + Crypto funding
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Modern technologies

Built on the latest modern frameworks and technologies

  • Spring
  • Vuetify
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Rest API
  • Liquibase
  • Google Cloud
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Demo available to try and test

Get access to demo in 3 minutes

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